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Car Air Conditioning Service

a/c unitFor most of us, air conditioning is the best thing that has happened to cars. It is quite hard to imagine being stuck in traffic on a hot day without air conditioning in the car. Car air conditioning creates and maintains a specific temperature in the car while driving.

Even though this technology is in almost every new car these days, very few of us know how auto air conditioning works. Well, the simplest explanation of this gadget’s function can be that it is like a refrigerator with a different layout. Just like the refrigerators in our homes, car air-conditioning transfers heat from the inside of a vehicle to the outside with the help of a compressor, which keeps the car cool. In older cars, the air conditioning was quite basic with manual controls, but with time this system has been getting more and more complex.

These days, cars have air conditioning systems with complex climate controls that automatically sense the temperature inside the car and adjust it to pre-selected level. Apart from the temperature, today's advance systems also control humidity and pollution levels inside the car.

air conditioningAn automobile air-conditioner has become an integral part of the car and it is quite hard to imagine a car without them. Therefore, just like you take care of all the other parts of your car, it is also important to take care of your car air-conditioner. In fact, in places with high temperatures, air conditioning should be serviced regularly so that it can give the best possible performance.

In order to keep the air conditioner of your car in best shape, you should get it thoroughly serviced after regular intervals. A normal air conditioner service involves processes like a visual check, performance, pressure, and leakage tests, and preventive maintenance. Servicing your air conditioner will not only improve its performance but will also increase its life.

Studies have shown that if air conditioners are not maintained properly, they gradually lose around 5% of their efficiency every year. This will mean that if you do not take care of your car's air-conditioner, then your 12 SEER unit will start to perform like a 9 SEER unit in few years and its performance will keep on decreasing further.

However, with regular maintenance, you can restore the lost efficiency of your unit. Regular servicing of the unit can maintain around 95% of the original performance ability. During servicing, the coils of condenser are cleaned and all the internal parts are checked and tested by special automotive diagnostic tool. If the diagnosis shows any problems, then required troubleshooting actions are taken to solve them. This also helps in increasing the life of the unit - if these faults remain unchecked for a long time, they can cause serious damage to the unit.

car diagnosticsThe service also includes tuning of belts and oiling of the exhaust fans to ensure that they work perfectly. The unit is also checked for the coolant level in it; each air conditioning unit must have a specific amount of coolant in it to ensure good performance.

A car air conditioner suffers from a lot of wear and tear on daily basis which may cause a number of problems with the unit like:

  1. Decrease in cooling
  2. Odd smells from the air conditioner
  3. Strange Noises from the air conditioner

1. Decrease in cooling

The refrigerant gas of air conditioning systems is depleted as the system is used. This problem caused due to the long halts in the usage of air conditioners during the winter season. A leak check and refilling the refrigerant if needed can help fix these types of problems.

2. Odd smells from the air conditioner

Sometimes, air conditioning may exude weird smell when you turn it on - this can be a sign of a bacterial build-up in the unit. The reason behind this is that as air conditions become older, they can start to develop microorganisms, mold ,and different kinds of bacteria on its evaporator – this may cause the unpleasant odor. This odor may sometimes even cause flu and headaches, a condition also known as the "sick car syndrome". This problem can be easily solved through an effective anti-bacterial treatment.

3. Strange Noises from the air conditioner

Any kind of strange noises from the air conditioner should be treated quickly as it may be a sign of a bigger problem in the unit. A timely repair can save you a lot of money in repair bills.