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Precision Auto Customer Reviews

When the MB dealership told me $3300 parts and labor, Felipe showed me a far more simple solution and saved my '95 Mercedes Benz from being traded in.

Independent repair shops often do not have certified MB mechanics, so the savings can be spent while they replace good parts looking for the problem.

Felipe can troubleshoot a Mercedes Benz problem faster than many MB mechanics, so at $75 an hour Precision Repair is a great bargain.

-- Rob Denville, NJ

We recommend Precision European Auto Service because they do the job right the first time and skip the nonsense.

Our 3 family cars are aging and we are not planning on buying new. This only works when you have a quality resource like Precision. Thanks Felipe!

-- CK, Rockaway, NJ

Independent shops vary so widely that when you find competence like this you almost don't want to tell anyone.

-- JR, Dover, NJ

Felipe is one of the most honest guys in the repair business... trained by Mercedes Benz... he is an expert!?

-- Jaime

Although I have retired due to my health and am moving to Ocean Grove to be near my daughter, I did not want to leave without thanking you so much for servicing my 1993 300 SE. When I purchased it in 1998, it had 50,000 miles. You indicated that with proper maintenance, this make of Mercedes would easily make it to 300,000. Twelve year ago, I had my doubts but I am just 40,000 miles away from your prediction.

I don't think there is anyone who knows more about Mercedes than you do. Indeed, your knowledge about all vehicles is astounding. No matter what the problem , you always fixed it. That is because you take pride in your work and confidence in your ability. Those qualities spill over to your staff in the garage and in the office. It is a friendly atmosphere. Everyone has a positive attitude.

It was nice too that your fees were reasonable. You made an effort to be fair. It gave me a comfort level to know that you always wanted to do what was right.

I am also glad I spent time with your family when you were first started you business, using the garage of your residence. You have a great wife and wonderful children. I always enjoyed talking with them when I would wait in your home while you worked on my car.

Felipe, I with you and those close to you all the best in life.

-- James S. Oliver